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Sunday, January 13, 2013

THIS ROSE WILL NOT BLOSSOM, an original poem by Poonam Srivastava... as yet unpublished. but copywrite

This Rose Will Not Blossom

This rose will not blossom.
This root will rot before its vine.
This DNA will not helix
its twin shadowed in fright…

links lost, hyper-myelinated
razor tooth wrapped thorn shield
clutching urgent unsent messages
chromosomal anamoly atrophying worlds.

Forgiveness has no soil here.
This sun feeds not this form.
Running the child trips
falls harder than ever—

On a rusted cellar door.
Shadows grown longer than
Sunbeams in this water.
Murky minds ponder dark here.

Light lingers lonely and dies.
We walk like corpses,
We stand in corners here.
The petals fall fast and scatter.

Dead leaves, dry stalk. still here
The color is so bright with
Vestiges of past delight perhaps
or dreams that lived at night.

No love can find us now. Not here.
No words balm this festered wound.
Your difference is autism to my
Searching crying eyes. I leap wild

About this room we shared,
Against the walls and windows. Here
I turn the key and enter another’s
hearth. How long have you been absent?

Truth’s wisdom teeth removed.
This rose will not blossom here
Nor root another nor invite a bee
To sip and sup and buzz. but look: