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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012: Giving Thanks in No Particular Order

Thanksgiving 2012: 

Giving Thanks in No Particular Order

I am thankful, grateful, full in my 
heart of love and awe of the people who 
love me and who allow me to love them. 
The kids, the ex-es, the nows, the 
friends, the old ones from whom I get 
such wisdom, the young ones from whom I 
get such energy. I am grateful to the 
writers who inspire me. The ones I've 
met and not. I'm grateful to my clients 
who let me drive. I am grateful to my 

muse and to those that let me love their animals, to the

flow when I am in it and even when it 

seems an impossible distance.

I am grateful to FACEBOOK 
and the 
internet and the technology 
that allows 
magic. I am grateful to life and this 
time and space that holds us all even as 
it holds the 
promise of our death. 

I am 
grateful to the new ones and the old 
ones and the ones I've had 
to let go of. 
Yes the ones I had to let go of too. 

Thank you for coming into my life to 
hold a mirror of it up to me so I can


Sun and moon and trees and 

hurricanes and breakfast.

It is a cliche
and a true story. Love
makes this world, this Poonam Nation,