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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Polyamory is a Healthy Option for Polyamorous People

I love one,
I love two...
and I love you and you and you!

You love me
I can see
can you stomach these other three?

I no lie
I am fly
and don't need no cheater's alibi

Tell it to straight
though it sounds queer
I'm polly not wolly
and I am definitely here.

Polyamory is healthy for polyamorous people.
That is a statement that should be palatable, even nourishing.
Instead it is a statement that is more like fried worms, an acquired taste, to those who even dare to think of it.
But not so for poly people. Guess what chillun? Poly people thrive in poly environments.
Homosexuality is healthy for homosexual people.
That is a statement that is less fried worm. It is still somewhat of a weird cheese (smelly and of foreign origin) to many; but indisputably established at the table of normative sex talk.
Non monogamy and swinging too is gaining some street credit.
So, let's pause for a moment and think on it.
Poly exists, poly folk exist. Hmmmmmmm. Born or Bred? Depends on weather you are the toaster!,67118/

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