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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Franz Xav von Recorded 500 Fairy Tales in the 1800s. What is NEW in new in these new fairy tales: the YA factor y'all, the YA.

Once upon a time.... when stories mattered more:
Fairy Tales, like Aesop's and the Grimm's brothers', are for children. Right? Wrong. Franz Xaver von Schönwerth recorded the oral traditions of Germany. He was a contemporary of the Grimm's brothers. In fact they said of him that only Mr. Schonwerth might be able to replace them. 
But he was different. He did not put on the airs of literary circles and develop style. He recorded like an ethnologist and to that credit we have some real documents, at least more real than attempted literature. From which many will, I am sure, attempt literature. As it should be though we have the early ingredients and thus some NEW insight.
In the world new is very slight now. All is old and done and boring and here comes Mr. Schonweth's life work hidden away in some aging walls some distance from here to say to us: WAIT it is not all form that. Fairy tales, no, not all medium that is the message. No! The tales are tales to advise and educate young people as to the possiblities and obstacles they will face. Fairy tales are for teen agers and young adults.
Perhaps we should prick up our ears and pick up our pens or laptops and busy ourselves. For we live in strange times. We live in a time of heavy flows of individual freedoms and equally wack amounts of slave mentality. Youth who rarely get to do more than rock out, do take the initiative and make things like Occupy Wall Street happen; they make million dollar enterprises too; they are the real forefront of the future.
So perhaps we can add to their reading diets of Twilight etc some hip modern "This is your world: Monsanto, IMF, cyber connections, poverty and pollution" in a way they can find a role and inform their lives no matter if they choose to be villain or hero or pawn or princess.
Let's see some new fairy tales writers. We need our youth reached. Of course there comes with those words this cautionary note: try not to tell them what to do for they will have information that you might never ever gleam. Just tell the tale to show the kings and the corruption and the hope, not obama hope, but planetary evolution hope.
How wonderful these new fairy tales must be. Cannot wait to read them. 
Look for articles on this from the Gaurdian and others. Google it dear Lisa, dear Henry, et al.

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