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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Like Thieves in the Night My Visitors Come Here: Please Leave Comment

Almost 1500 have visited poonamisbloggingonforyou and that makes me sad and curious, and furious also.
Is this prose or poetry? This is a blurt. A "hey there, wait now, I didn't catch your name, not to mention I am blind to your face and deaf to your voice when I am not on this site--while you make your visit."
I WAS THRILLED TO LEARN THAT almost 1500 of you, and I am sure you are representative of the others, passed by.
I wanted to come back to this blog with my recently honed writing. I dreamt of finding here community. Queer writers. By that I mean sexuality but also verbality! Give me your weirdos, or at least a taste of your uniQueness.
Please, put your link here so I can taste your written world.
I just had breakfast and still I am hungry. No plant or animal can feed me now.
We are all about promises. We listen to them from childhood and despite the evidence contrary we believe in them. We promise this and that to him and them and her and us and even ourself.
In the spirit, like Madonna to hydrangea, I say I PROMISE
hand to heart
you, and me,
I will write here in
REGULAR intervals
and place tasty bits of words and image
for your aesthetic and artistic
spiritual and writerly