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Sunday, June 26, 2011

2011 NYC GAY PRIDE PARADE, Celebration in light of Marriage Equality

There was a larger turn out in all events due to the excitement generated by Governor Cuomo's passing into law marriage equality.

The Guv was the man of the hour.

All hailed Cuomo as finally the one with the cohones.

This is the problem numero uno here in these united states of north america, we don't know who to assign credit and blame.

Politicians bend to the will of the people only when they have to, or they have their self interests.  So why go and thank the man, who did it. Could have been anyone there.

Also: While not all queers, including this writer, are necessarily pro marriage, it was a precieved victory. So jubilation was off the charts.

However queer we are though ladies and ladies, we are also American for the most part and benefit or not from the policies of this government.

What the marriage equality leaves out of the picture is a whole host of rights that should be evenly distributed through out the populations of this country. Medical care, education, fair working wages, not to mention the activation of the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell. (Though Obama has signed that repeal into law it comes with a caveat that it will go into effect when it is "deemed safe for military personal" -- seriously.

Regardless of the larger issues, however, (or dare I be so cynical as to suggest that as a sacrificial offering whereby other matters could be tabled without a loss of face) Marriage Equality passed in the state of NY!

Surprise: it was at the vote of some Republicans. The sole person to object was the Democrat from the Bronx!

And the crowds cheered it! They love to cheer.

The celebrations were all weekend and the influence was felt in the Dyke March, Harlem Pride, and most loudly at the Stonewall Inn the Friday night of the vote.

Please watch the video of photos taken at the Sunday Pride march and enjoy.

Let me know your thoughts on related issues. Seriously drop me a note. I am not writing this in a closet for my masturbratorial pleasures.


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