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Monday, April 4, 2011

Wonder-A Poem in Haiku


Wonder, blunder by

There’s no sky so high up here

No storm, no weather.

Me in my fine mind

Lonely as the day is flight

Dreaming darkly down--

Towards your river bend.

Flow of laughter and our sigh,

Salt water cracks ice.

Black lark up on wire,

Sitting with all permanence,

Singing you back home

Though you never lived

Out of imaginings and

Dancing that dark hole.

Gravity chips my

Shoulder blades: knives in your hands--

Long cuts down my chest.

I wonder, wonder

Why no sun is in the sky.

My sleep shattered now--

I’ll hold you lil child,

Let passion’s oceans rise fall

Into other times--

Where we did once meet

Upon the streets of urban

Scenes of burbon rhymes.

All the years we stole

Against youth’s alledg’d folly

Rushing. Raging on

There we stood and watched

Two perilous proud peacocks

As world honors flowed.

In this sleep, this grave

Remains the gracious fore taste

Life we never knew.

I wonder wander

Winning losing words and birds

Lost in lustful love.

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