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Monday, April 4, 2011

Reunion-- A long poem in Haiku

Bewildered I walk

Into your conversation

Already started

No pause for me here

The words flow and I’m drowning.

Laughter engulfs us.

I knew them all then,

Children in corny camping—

Company we were.

Now grey, now withered

In places our faces strain

To hide from ourselves.

Come talk alone bit

Away from their babbling brook--

The tops of trees black,

Your lips ruby still,

We warm to our ancient dance.

Your hand reaches mine.

Carried here through war,

Bodies devastated some,

Youth a memory.

Follow these stone steps,

Carving our inner dreamscape--

Dance this reunion.

Under this dark sky

Lighted by moonshine and sex

Your mouth traces mine,

Your pain wells my eyes,

Our joy tears down damp word walls.

Can we still be, love?

Bewildered you call

Me my name of years long past

And flush fills the space.

This place, our union

Lined up in their heartfelt doubts

They come and they go,

They whirl around us--

blind to our apartment, to

how you possess me.

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