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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

National Poetry Month April 2011 5/30

Skin Thick

Feet nestled, arms stretched long along a blue flowered dress

Five fat fingers cuddle an upraised button

As lips pucker under the bone of the neck and open in

Full yawn revealing the beginnings of teeth

Tongue darting out to explore a long strand of hair

Dangling from off the child’s nose like a fishing line

Both beings swaying with the intimate song of sleep’s breath.

The sleepers rocking in their orange and yellow chairs

Undisturbed by the dings of stops and the conductors warnings:

“Watch the closing doors.”

The sun pouring from the windows of the Brighton Beach express

Washes their softness into a butterfly melt that soaks memory

From the metallic corners of my mind back into my palate

Soaking me in waking dreams of lost and soon to be found intimacy.

A paper open on the floor between us screams of war

Of disaster of scandal of continuing hardships awaiting us all

It flutters its fonts large and small and waves it colors to the morning breeze

“Saying hello, are you World?" To the folks that inhabit you? Dreaming

in sleep and waking far from your nightmares. Far from all nightmare.

Suspended between departure and arrival.

Momentarily pardoned from the weight of consciousness.

Tenements that fly past revisited after the cold long months

Of snow and school and work and war and struggles that promise

Relief “soon, soon, soon. Around a corner, the next bend, the next

Quarter, fiscal or two dimes and a nickel for some, for more and more.

Less, less and less” Stress on the syllable sugar coated, we remove a layer

And reach for a plastic bottle of water to wet our throats and remind

Us again of the touch that we live for and that is never worth death.

5/30 of 30/30 National Poetry Month April 2011


28 lines

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