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Monday, April 4, 2011

National Poetry Month April 2011 4/30


My now here after the all that

Trickster sun through window pane

Bring by the high and take by the low

All the world spins the same.

My now here still after all this

Trickster light of April through the glass pane

Heard by the in and listened by the out

Full halfs turned round in earthen sphere.

Intentions are always the same

To do this and to have that by this when

So the Spring’s deceit will mimic my own

Here still now after all the gazing out and looking in.

Still names of days and months and years

Follow along quite with a single expectation

Here, by this now, their solemn procession

Amuses and I giggle: tricksters each but the same as the other.

And as in my first decade I took

My reflection in the looking glass

As variations on a theme following an expected pattern

By fifth decade I reflect the flame not the flicker: perhaps.

4/30 of 30/30 April Poetry challenge

160 wrds

20 lgns

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