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Monday, April 4, 2011

National Poetry Month April 2011 1/30


Japan, rich greens and silvery whites

Japan, land of fine line drawings and kinbaku knots.

Japan, countless tsunamis & earthquakes, and four nuclear disasters.


Japan, newest unreachable sore spot on my body terrestrial.

Who knows how pimples rise to pierce the skin?

How once eternal flows of Oxygen to

Carbon diOxide





lives are reduced to fragments

as the half life of ions takes import?

Who knows how it all radiates into

Fukushima-ish iodine 131

in Washington milk?

Paralysis as experts and owners

negotiate and relegate.

And report the measures of public safety.

Japan, the water which surrounds us, surrounds you.

a blessing on the water.

I know your water, our water, my water that is me.

A transformation of the crystals,

Emoto style with the ticking watch slowed to a longer view,

With waves merging particles through

all I know--

Forming the beauty of the shapes of peace of hope, and love.

Japan, capture now our imagination

and hurry us into truly modern times.

From dream to perestroika, to transformation.

The power of our full intention on water, full on healing water.

Then, they bring in the cement.

“Expert decision … jets on their way…”

…to take to Japan ….

not slow love and consolation of intention but

Cement’s quick fix…the largest machine in the world…”

Hard concrete seal that will break at the next quake.

Which wall resists a Tsunami?

Even concrete is made of water.

Leave them to their old dirt ways.

So in haiku

My love pours out to you

Bathing pandas

Which history will resist after all

the intention, collective and concerted,

and growing of love

and which crystals then shall we sustain as they sustain us….

Their compositions harmonious and melodic….

organic and wet.


A healing Japan, Earth.

Porous blue rock.

Japan, Earth, You. Me. Our Verse.

Domo Origato Mr. Emoto.

Blessings on the water that is us and is ours.

First of April Poems number 1/30 of 30/30 324wrds

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