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Monday, April 4, 2011

How Mature of You

How Mature Of You

Well ain’t that mature of you

To conquer jealousy……

To keep your demons

Darkly buried

In unmarked graves

Lost in foggy cemeteries covered in fearful and dreary gloom

Reached by commuter ferries that follow age old routes

Traveled in grim fairy tales

And poems out of rhymes.

How mature of you to keep feeding projects and dreams out of sight.

Well, ain’t that just so mature of you

ARen’t you just so clever

To carve out hate

And anger from your relations with

Serrated knives

From dusty drawers

Of long forgotten

Side boards that held

Feasts on festive days;


Straight lined

Rules and codes

Written in blood

from animals that haunt ancestral moors.

Mature of you

I say

To make it to this day

Where we can watch you

Play with rules instead of reflexes

games you never imagined into being.

You ought to get a nobel


No one knows your inner cries.

No one feeds your rutted hungry sighs.

In this world where one and one can

Only make two

Where three’s

Allowed in comedy.

Four in fantasy

Or worse.

Where a female pipe must always meet

A male

to let water through.

How mature of you to smile

At those that cannot see pain

How lovely to spare them.

How mature of you I say this now

Without praise or blame.

Coming up from a world of whips,

Of electrical cords that stung your hips,

Into the world of lies that showed

You what you wanted

but held opposite


I love you as you are

She said and brought you a present

In a short dress

And then slammed the word slut all over your


The sacred was profane and poison in your soul.

How mature of you my dear

To finally make roll call

To say yes to those that can hear and see

And nothing to the rest.

To stop the silly gesturing and get your kneaded breasts

The love you bring

With your mature self.

To go fearlessly from one to two to three

With no shame holding

Your hand and smirking

A sinister snake that ate you even as you fed.

How very happy and mature of you

How very merry and sure of you

While in the dark

you flee your self

While in the dark

Mother rears her

ugly angry head

And father falls

off from the cliff

Ghandi reader in hand.

While horses ride at evil clips

And ships collide and ships sink

While you swim under water

The lengths of years of light

That never reaches eyes to see.

A breath again

and your sight formulates

Sketches of shelters

Homes with fire and water.

Hearts in fleshed

with life and libido drenched

In openness and bathed

in spirit

Ready to explore

new lands.

How very mature of you.

How very mature of you.

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