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Monday, April 4, 2011



Forgiveness / Forgiveness

It’s a little bit of love

That breaks the business /

the blandness

of Ego

Ergo you know

What you know

And I too.

No! I won’t forget

No! I won’t love

you again!

I forgive you,

Then love elsewhere

There I can plant seeds

There grow old roots


Imagine a garden’s in bloom.

Far from our souls mute tongues

Unable to voice the bridge


Far from the break

to the other bank

Brittle bones unbending

Precious heart intent


original borders.


It is a clean word.

Centuries, I tussled with your

anguished forms of right

of wrong


honor disabused!

oh HOW life’s wrongs made their


nestled in your mind’s cosy rooms;

Now: towards beauty I flow,

Cutting cords called duty

called family.

Claiming the wind and world as my own.


Forgiveness is not that misstep that is mislaid

On the half turn that brings me to your window’s light-

My two door hatchback parked direct behind your mamoth six seater mini van

next to the house

Next to the door not entered since ashes took

The body—

Burnt the body

Burnt the story

Burnt the door I will never re-enter

clear from

Your ownerships of truth.

Hold your truths,

hold them dear


for there is

no longer need for love of me

My dalliance in these dark forests

of what might have been

HAS been

too long.

Objects in rearview mirrors.

My forgiveness, not absolution

Primal force, Life

seeking new growth

Entering colors that live between names

such as indigo and gold

Dancing to notes between

Bflats and Cs in keys of locks you’ll never know

Swimming rivers of life and souls

that owe me nothing and feed me so

While I freely frolic with the children

and condemn them not to the past--

I go and you go—

each on our bites of reality

Un abridged.

We speak hollow

We take our leave.

I know fully it may mean nothing to you.

I barely know if it means anything to me.

Your sudden departure from our ship

The torrent of hate heaped

The silent shame of what?

My rage and pain misunderstood then as now

My self betrayed by myself in your defection.

How you smiled surrounded by milk cheese and butter

In aisles marked “Save, save, save!”

“Lets walk to the cars together,” you said.

“But I rode the bus,” I said.

“Lets have a coffee instead.”

I watched your face the tilt of neck the squinch of eye the familiar dart of tongue to lip

And did not ask you to explain…

I took your number into my phone and we never talked again.

Forgiveness / Forgiveness another layered rutted road,

A landscape, a dance space,

A mirror cool as melted snow on parched lips

We go then.

You go and I go


No I will not love you


I will forgive you always.

I will forgive myself.

Forgiveness I will seek you

On darkest craven shores of flight.

Or bright spring green lawns of urban parks

under early budding pinks and whites.

Forgiveness is the dance much easier to follow.

Not alone now just not with those that were here then.

Forgiveness / nests / home again in my skin.

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