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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Megumi's Letter from Japan's Earthquake: An Appeal for Action by All, 9PM Tokyo Time, Please Join

Below is a message from my dear, beautiful and strong Japanese friend, Megumi. Please, take the time to read it, and whatever you decide to do, wherever you are, please send your vibrations of love and support to her and all who are currently in Japan.

Chers Tous,

Voici un message de mon amie japonaise, Megumi. Elle vit à moins de 200km de la centrale nucléaire, et vous invite à vous unir à ses prières, tous les soirs 21h japonaises. Merci de votre soutien!

Mis Queridos,

Acá está un mensaje de mi amiga japonesa, Megumi. Porfa que se unan a ella y todos los que están allá para mandarles energía de amor y sanación.

Because, as Megumi says, there aren't many things left to do, and the best one I can think of is this.

Love, Amour, Amor to All, à tous, para todos,



all your voices with love and supports

are arriving here.

I read all your mails but sorry for not responding each one of you personally.

we all feel you are with us.

thank you.

thank you.

dear friends,

I have another favor to ask you.

since last night

we started to gather between friends at 21 o'clock in japan.

to pray and meditate.

the power of meditaion and prayer,I believe.

and this is the most easy and strongest way to connect all of us.

there are 2 points to focus:


we focus NOT on the personal misery.

we are focusing on the whole humanity,whole existance and planet earth to be healed.


we focus on transforming the ultra negative radioactive energy

into the ultra positive love energy.

energy doesn't vanish

but it could be transformed.

practically this is how we do it:

first of all,we open our heart.


we are visualizing the earth covered with golden light

it goes into every single existance until the earth starts to shine by itself.

and we put the rayer of ice-blue substance to cool down the nuclear reactor.

and transform it into the most beautiful thing you can imagine each one.

(my friend transformed it into beautiful red rose!)

you don't have to follow my indications.

but important is to focus on the same time on the same point.

even if you don't believe in it

please give it a try.

because there left very few things to do

and one best thing I can think of is this.

I don't know how much time left for us.

but someone said,

"even the world will end tomorrow,I will plant the tree today"

and this is my way to plant this tree.

please join us!

at 21h in Japan time,for 15 minutes.

you can check the time on your own country.

people tell me to leave the country or go down south of Japan now.

but I feel

I am in the right place on the right time.

please forward the call for this prayer-meditation to your friends.

thank you!!



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