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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Haikus Modern

1. Haiku party, you.//wutch u facebook poets got?///syllabize with me!! 

2. Chime from life, bell tolls//drums and trumpets declare this//i am conductor.

3. Endless and fleeting,// life the here and now, the then//of the where and when.

4. Life glass solid ground//impervious we walk on//till death scoops one up.

5. Ladeedadeeda//money and time got zilch to say//when snow's on the ground.

6. Leave wit at the door // Now we need naked discourse // Lets delight in us.

7. Haiku for all you// of my dreamscape and sweet tea// reality sings!

8. Good morning sweet world// though i know your cruelties /// your music makes me dance.

9. My love’s not a rose.//My love is a horror shop/// where everyone feeds.

9a. My love’s not a rose.//My love’s kitchen counter top // chop grate and blend some.

9b. My love’s not a rose.//My love’s a disco dance floor /// everyone boogey.

10. Remember the love//like oxygen masks, you first//then there'll be enuf.

11. February, March//days and numbers lining up//feeds hope's soulful dreams!

12. Feeling rather pres//idential i am today//a demo crass sea.

13. The roommate choice made // uncertainty exits left // as books are exchanged.

14. put in too much salt; that with the butter and oil; makes a menstrual meal.

15. Haiku, not hatchu//bless you now for you have sinned/// bled content from form.

16.  naked raw riding//feeding my vision's service//many do starve so.

17.  Time for new haiku/ i so ti red son though here// black night gobbles me

18. Spread it, wet it/ / and watch it grow the ad says // Capitalist spring!

19++Shark swims effortless//biting through, cell walls, soul force//i reach for your land.

If you chose my land// please do not bite, it hurts//you are most            welcome. ((Shams Hamid))

19++++Shams land welcomes me//shark teeth glisten white and red//a butterfly soars.

20. Know haiku power//streaming thoughts to dip toes in//and dive beneath words.

21. Spring feels early // Souls shedding winter like seeds // pink flower opens.

22. Real love knows real pain; Like sisters or strangers caught; Tripping on shadows.

23. Midnight breaks the new day// with night's scent omnipresent// we love what we can.
24. Haiti your tragic wail, is now a familiar sound: a music sold par tout.
25. Is this the real life, or is it just fantasy, caught in a landslide......((Journey))
26. Your heart is willing / yet flesh a fork'ed road / peace lies still in soul.
27.  I feel sick again/ after a moment of well / well, its so much worse!
28.  The earth quakes we tremble / walking from one task to next / a shudder below.
29.  Ma Haiti au soucours/ though we long ignored your cries/ now se tremble terre.
30. haiku master you/ flailing on your beach'ed dreams/ find another glass.
31. Feeling better now/ economic chaos stream// flying past my arch.
32. I am so oh sick. facebook world and vit'min c sick, my ship will soon sink.
33.  Yearn towards a free, where we can there be complete; I yours and still mine.
34. Just check your luggage before we begin this dance cuz i want to fly.
35. Haiku for Haiti, know we love you especially when wind knocks you down.
36. Haiku number two, no particular order, for this cardinal.
37. a haiku for you, facebook friends in facebook flows, feel not restricted.
38. money is my boo; inseperable we two, float our shiney boats.
39. Life rushes rolling, roaring rearing my fondest dreams into deja vu.
40. You will kick my butt, economy criminal,  I will sing my song.
41. Rent long overdue; the mess of economy litters my loving.
 42. Early bird hunting: No worm in my morning time; only you, new dawn

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