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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rude Kids Don't Rule Me

there is a certain tyranny on me personally when parents don't do their jobs and teach their kids the very basics of manners. its also a bitch on the kids later on I am sure. but for now i will just go forward on how this is personally offensive, frustrating, crazy making.
I was on a bus this kid, cute as they all are in order to keep us all feeding them, maybe four or five years old, with his school bag on his shoulder/back, just takes the candy from this box and drops it on the floor. The mother watches him do this and does nothing. A man who saw the little box fall says "You dropped your pack of gum."
To which, the kid instead of saying thanks, says: "It ain't even gum and its empty."
I say: "That man was trying to help you. You usually say thanks in that case."
The mother finally acts. Her protective hackles up, she spins around and says: "I can take care of this situation, thank you."
"I'm just tired of all the rudeness that is coming from kids who are never told what to do." I say.
"Oh and you would know. You are being very helpful." She says. They get off the bus.
I don't know if i was helpful. I don't care about being helpful. I am so sick of parents acting like everyone in the whole world has to bend over backwards because they decided to procreate and find themselves running around doing the job of four people from day break to sleepy time.
These very people, who have kids, and start up on the biggest shopping sprees of their lives with everything from music lessons to lunchables have allowed for the biggest bill of goods the corporations have ever had the pleasure to devise. They are thoughtlessly sucked into becoming the consumers training program for the next several generations as well. The regular ordinary every day NYC parent works in one place; sends kid(s) to school(s) in other place(s) SOMETIMES OTHER BOROUGHS; then coordinates the rest of the time buying and spending and consuming voraciously.
The alarming effect of this is a sinister withdrawal from any sort of civic involvement. Since it is for the care of the children this withdrawal is lauded as heroic. Parents are thought to be selfless.
There involvement may extend to some committees of schools. (Here we are talking about economically advantaged parents.) Yet no where does the involvement extend further to the socio economical system that has grown so that kids (who once were relatively independent) are now the 24 hour tasks of overworked and exhausted parents who glibly put their young ones in to compete for fewer and fewer "choice" schools, etc.
When such a large portion of a supposed democracy is for all purposed absent in the democratic process the rest of us are also affected.
So, yes, teach your children basic manners or I will comment to them and you. They have to know that they are part of something larger. And so are you, mommies and daddies. Stop your smugness.
Most species on the planet can still self reproduce. Its not a big deal. Its not a big deal for them to know how to say excuse me, please, thank you and have an idea of other people's needs. What i see is less and less of the child's ability to empathize with others. They are the supernovas of their worlds.
This is all relatively a new focus of mine so I'm

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