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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Change 2009, Shit happens when you follow your heart.

I left Oswego and my house and partner, Beverly in July 2008.

For one month I floated between my friends Jade and Chavisa. Then after two temporary situations of house/cat sitting and sublet for August and September I found my own space in a loft in Brooklyn.

I went to the Center and met Bryce. I went back to the center and met Serena and Tara. Sahar contacted me from poly=nyc dot com.  

The others came and went. Lisa. and Lisa. and Tara. and Simmy. and Aneesha. 

My friends have all been retrieved: Chavisa, Jade, Stephanie, Tamra.
New ones have been made, Jordan.

The kids came and went, Kofi and Zo. Perhaps  will see them soon again.
The others came back into my life, Shaheen, Sonny, Sachal, Molly. Gaurav and Ami and Sonya. Now Steven my nephew will also be back.

I put myself out there.
I resumed therapy.
I helped Bina Sharif put on a play.
I worked and earned money.
Now I am writing and following my own inner clock.

So much has changed. Not the least of it being that Bevbev and I are talking, really talking again.

In the past two weeks I kissed two women who I enjoyed kissing.

On February 11th i go to rome for four days with Serena.

This Friday I'm off to Boston to meet Afsaneh, Taraneh's sister. 

I am writing.
I've got Bina Sharif a blog where my writing will be featured.
My articles and poem are in
My short stories are being born and the novel grows inside my head.

Things are manifesting. This entry is an introduction for you. I need to share. 

These are the first quick thoughts. The first inklings.

And these broad strokes will be filled in, shadowed, nuanced, extrapolated and explored. I promise.

It is possible to be the change you want to see in the world. It's never too late to become the person you want to be.

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