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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Change 2009, Shit happens when you follow your heart.

I left Oswego and my house and partner, Beverly in July 2008.

For one month I floated between my friends Jade and Chavisa. Then after two temporary situations of house/cat sitting and sublet for August and September I found my own space in a loft in Brooklyn.

I went to the Center and met Bryce. I went back to the center and met Serena and Tara. Sahar contacted me from poly=nyc dot com.  

The others came and went. Lisa. and Lisa. and Tara. and Simmy. and Aneesha. 

My friends have all been retrieved: Chavisa, Jade, Stephanie, Tamra.
New ones have been made, Jordan.

The kids came and went, Kofi and Zo. Perhaps  will see them soon again.
The others came back into my life, Shaheen, Sonny, Sachal, Molly. Gaurav and Ami and Sonya. Now Steven my nephew will also be back.

I put myself out there.
I resumed therapy.
I helped Bina Sharif put on a play.
I worked and earned money.
Now I am writing and following my own inner clock.

So much has changed. Not the least of it being that Bevbev and I are talking, really talking again.

In the past two weeks I kissed two women who I enjoyed kissing.

On February 11th i go to rome for four days with Serena.

This Friday I'm off to Boston to meet Afsaneh, Taraneh's sister. 

I am writing.
I've got Bina Sharif a blog where my writing will be featured.
My articles and poem are in
My short stories are being born and the novel grows inside my head.

Things are manifesting. This entry is an introduction for you. I need to share. 

These are the first quick thoughts. The first inklings.

And these broad strokes will be filled in, shadowed, nuanced, extrapolated and explored. I promise.

It is possible to be the change you want to see in the world. It's never too late to become the person you want to be.

Redo. This from earlier posts on a deleted blog.

update on the reiki symposium and this blog

The Martin Luther King Day REIKI Symposium at the open center was Fabulous.
i learned so much and met so many wonderful people. i cannot begin to share the extent of my joy, well okay i guess i am doing that huh. it was grrrrrreat. there was aromatherapy and qi gung and candling. that last really caught my attention and was a surprise tome. i would never have thought i would be so taken with it. but mostly it was sharing the energy with others from other traditions of reiki.
Well, you know the REIKI symposium waas responsible for my starting this blog. and because of this blog at least one old friend has found me again, Jenn. and that is wonderful. but really i spend more blog time on my MY FRIENDS space on my space. and i am not sure what to do with this blog. should i keep it up. i hardly come here.
it is the name of my business, where as the other one well....... let's just say my mind was elsewhere...........


what do we think.

let's let it go and let g-d.

gtk. good to know.

that is my phrase. invented in june 2006. publish widely please.
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new NESS

THERE are things that are new this week of thanks givign.

last night i dreamt of four or five grown men that were acting like fourteen year olds.

i have two fourteen year olds active in my life. and one not so active. sir andrew is beverly's grandson, born in 1992. he gets belly aches when he is upset. then there is shaheen who is less present than he used to be. i guess 'present' is a better word than 'active'. let's substitute, shall we. good. shaheen is my half sister, pramilla's, son. i don't like pramilla.

you can read pramilla's book review, that i nei\ther agree with not that it says much, nor like on

so, the third only for purposes here by defined, is steven. he is my sister pratima's son. he is being raised by christian fundamentalists to be a hater in paris texas. k

let us all pray for him and them.

i am in full assurance that he will be all right and find his way back to my sister's loving arms. his mother is so torn up about losing him.


.all part of an ongoing book.


calvino italo.


read him.


and there's the venezuelan classical musicians and composers. wow. and then sanjay mishra. am i in some kind of stream?

i would sting so. were i a stinger. or hum a few bars.

but here i am being a bit silly and off key.

well. its early on tues. adn all the tickets for the trains to syracuse from nyc are reserved. hah.

so jade and chavisa who have kept me twiddling my phone's cordless wires around corlessness llye

what are we gonna do now?

wait till 5am.

no, call the 800 number, talk to a human, john, talk to a human john, named john i mean a nd get the DL down low slow down now. taking notes......

the computers go up with new info at 5 am.

how many folks has he shared this info with?

well, how many folks actually get up at 5 am?


humming now, bird.

que sera, baby.

newness, oldness tweaked... perhaps you can tell i am listening to jazz.

well, i am off to do my attunement and start the other part of my day.

love to all you who may stumble or stray across these spaces.............

( 98 6666 7''''[[[]]]]]]]]] !@# ????<> )


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good morning blog morning. Reiki On.

Hello world,
its me
blogging on
reiki ing on in cy ber space.

i come to you grace a reiki.

I am going to be in NYC on january 15th 2007 for the first ever open center reiki consortium. that is not what they are calling it. they are calling it "Ist Annual Reiki Symposium at the NY Open Center".

All i wanted to do was post a "good job" comment on the site. and me voila. a blogger. well, its about time.

REiki Centrale is actually my business, begun just last month. with cards, business and bracelets sold at a crafts fair in Scriba, ny. i kid you not. and

i am all about reiki

and about my spiritual growth.

this includes my lover and my home.

and all this opening in november seems appropriate somehow.

well, now there is this open house my lover and i are doing on BLACK FRIDAY. we are serving chili. veg adn turkey. adn people can drop in (byob). and its a way that a lot of folks can actually see the reiki room in the house. You walk through it to come in. and also its just fun. to have people over. adn if no one comes chili keeps forever.

my lover's name is beverly and i do love her. and my name is poonam and she does love me. we have been together since 2005 when we met at michigan women's music festival. the woman at the entrance said, "some women meet their life partners here." i gave that little thought. i just wanted a little relief from the severe isolation and depression i had been feeling. well, lemme tell you all, it was a party in the real sense of the word. and right at the end i had a final dance with beverly. we lived 3 hours apart for 8 months. a lesbian record. and then i moved up closer. and then i just moved in.

just ate dinner. cookd a cabbage head, red, steamed it whole. fun. chewy. ah, but of course that is not all. made some chicken curry with spinach and added some left over mustard greens. good. adn brown rice. lovely. light. not heavy like in indian restaurants.

i am all about good food
not just indian food or ethnic any kind of food, but organic real local produce that someone cared about
and that nourishes me and more than me. some family. not simply filling me up so i can perform my fill in role in the color in photos of modernity. let me not get started.

want to read Kirin Desai's book. Inheritance of Loss. i like her mom's writing, Anita Desai. I ho[pe they will like my book when it comes out.

wrote a review of Moonlight on the Ganga. by claire krulikowski.

then read TRAIN TO PAKISTAN by Kushwant Singh. man. wahat a book. yaar i tell you that shit is powerful. i seriously was off my game for days.
even could not make love to beverly one night i was so sad.

its the best novel on partition i have read so far.

read my reviews on

wow. i wonder if i will ever come back to this blog and write again?


if i do i hope there will be word from someone else.

dunno how that would work.

am all new you see.

therefore the happy in the title line.

reiki on dear ones.

poonam srivastava